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Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway

Atlantic Ocean road,Norway

‘A Highway Which Looks Like a Hot Wheels Playset’ Atlantic Ocean road in Norway is a fantastic and spectacular road and is also very popular tourist attraction. Both the local population and tourist visitors frequently use the road to go fishing for cod and other fish directly from the bridges.there is a special bridge which is specially designed for fishing purpose.The ... Read More »



GOLDEN SEA OF CANOLA FLOWERS The Canola Flowers in China are the most fascinating view  in the world.The flowers which are spread widely with yellow rapeseed flowers looks like a golden sea from a distant view.The Canola Flower Fields are located in small Luoping of Yunnan,Eastern China which crosses the Nankun Railway and No 324 National Highway.These Canola Flowers are ... Read More »

The Colors of Spring: Vasant Utsav in Shantiniketan

pf-91dm dance during holi festival santiniketan

India is a land of festivals. Festivals that are celebrated with much pomp and show. Festivals that are colorful. And when one is talking about colorful festivals, how can the mention of Holi be left out? The Indian festival of colors, Holi is celebrated in spring to celebrate the bounty of the season. People smear colors on each other and ... Read More »

The Heart of the Happy Valley: Provo Utah


The Beehive State, Utah, is known for Mormons but also famous for its amazing beauty and historical sites. Most of its beauty lies in its largest city, Provo, which is also the county Seat of Utah County. Provo is one of the most favorite destination for tourists in Utah and more than 1 million visitors come to Provo every year. ... Read More »



ELEPHANTA CAVES: GLORY TO LORD SHIV For people who love to explore archeological sites, forts, caves and such historical monuments and places, Elephanta caves is a perfect place to lookout for. The centuries old caves were formed to dedicate it to Lord Shiva. Elephanta caves are located on the Elephanta island and is one of the world heritage site recognized ... Read More »

Cleopatra’s Pool, Turkey: In Healing Waters


Ancient Civilisations have always been of much interest to the history geek. And when historical value, natural beauty and myths of miraculous properties come together to describe a particular place, there is no doubt in the fact that the travel enthusiast is automatically attracted to it. One such place of interest is the fabled Cleopatra’s Pool located in Modern day ... Read More »

Mardi Gras : The Cultural Phenomenon RTR

APTOPIX Brazil Carnival

One of the most notably celebrated carnivals of today, the festivities of Mardi Gras indeed form a cultural phenomenon. The celebrations date back thousands of years to Pagan Spring and Fertility rites and have assumed their modern day form through evolution and religious adaption over time. Countries with large Roman Catholic populations celebrate Mardi Gras with much pomp and gusto ... Read More »

The Unique Town of Alberobello : Italy


Appointed as a World Heritage site by the United Nations (UNESCO), the tiny town of Alberobello is truly a unique vision for tourists. The one thousand and five hundred typical 14th century round Trulli huts still stnading in this modern day and age are simply breath taking. The Trulli zone is like a picture straight from a fairy tale book. ... Read More »

The Captivating Cathedral Cove, New Zealand


Each one us is striving to reach the top of an invisible podium. We are all living with a restless mind and an unhappy soul. Waking up every morning, jumping onto the tracks and joining the rat race of our unfulfilled and incomplete lives. This race is an unending quest to excellence as we are constantly trying to get a ... Read More »


Hitachi Seaside park,Japan

  Hitachi Seaside Park,proud of its wide variety of seasonal flower gardens.The park is mainly famous for its blue Nemophilias. These Nemophilia are nothing but the annual flowers with transparent blue petals.More than 4.5 million blue Nemophilias bloom spreading the park just only in the spring season for which the park is famous.It resembles as we are in a heaven on ... Read More »