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The Leaning Tower Of Pisa, Italy

sqare of miracles

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most popular tourist spot of Italy. It is located in the seaside town of Pisa in the district of Tuscany. Pisa is a city in Central Italy on the banks of the river Arno on the Tyrrhenian Sea. It has about 20 other historic and popular churches. The Leaning Tower is ... Read More »

An Insight into the Mystique and Legendary land Gujarat


The land of colors- Gujarat! The land of Asiatic lions- Gujarat! The land of royal Rajputs- Gujarat! The land of Harappan history- Gujarat! The jewel of the West- Gujarat! Vibrant and vivacious, it will leave you mesmerized. Gujarat is situated in the west of India, having its southern boundaries contoured by the Arabian Sea. The state is bordered by Rajasthan ... Read More »

The Real World Animal Planet – Ocean Park, Honk Kong

Sea jelly spectacular

WOW! It’s my Park. This theme park is really one of its kinds and will definitely make you say their tag line at the end of the day. Ocean Park is an elephantine amusement park. Situated in Wong Chuk Hang, a southern district in the Honk Kong city, the park comprises of an animal theme park, marine mammals exhibit, an ... Read More »

The Harmandir Sahib: The Golden Temple, Amritsar


INTRODUCTION The Golden Temple also known as The Harmandir Sahib is a symbol of unity, equality and human brotherhood. The Golden Temple is located in the city Amritsar, Punjab. It was built by Guru Arjan, a Sikh guru in the 16th century. The Golden Temple is known for its unique Sikh architecture but still maintaining its secular policies. People irrespective ... Read More »

The Land of Igloos – Greenland

greenland sight

Located mostly in the Arctic region in the far northeast of North America, Greenland is the world’s largest non-continental island. It has the lowest population density in the world. The fact that the place is mostly covered in snow, should not, however, deter anyone from planning a trip to the awesome place. The place offers every form of entertainment and ... Read More »

Exploring Visayas


Visayas is one of the main islands in the Philippines aside from Luzon and Mindanao. It is located in South East Asia. Visayas is a collection of large and small island in the central part of the Philippines and is also considered as the cradle of the country. It consists of several islands surrounding the Visayan Sea. The major islands ... Read More »

Exploring the Best Malls in the Philippines


One of the favorite hobbies or past time of some Filipinos, especially the younger generation is “malling” or “window shopping”. They enjoy mall hopping or just stay in one mall. They went to the mall not only because they want to buy something, but because they just want to enjoy the beautiful displays, cool atmosphere, and a chance to meet ... Read More »

Reasons Why You Should Visit Bukidnon


Bukidnon, which is located in Northern Mindanao, boasts of its awe inspiring plateaus, waterfalls, mountains, springs, canyons and farms. It is known as the “World’s Pineapple Capital” because it has a wide plantation of pineapple which Del Monte process and canned before selling it to the market. As a major producer of rice and corn, Bukidnon is also considered as ... Read More »

Must see places in the Philippines


The Philippines is one of South East Asia’s most beautiful countries blessed by Mother Nature with 7,107 islands scattered all over the archipelago. It is a country characterized by a multi-cultural and natural diversity rich in spectacular attractions, which makes the Philippines a must see tourist destination in the world. It’s more fun in the Philippines is the country’s slogan ... Read More »

Historical Places in Mindanao


Mindanao is the country’s second largest geographical area or division located in the southern end of the Philippines. The name Mindanao derives from the name of the indigenous tribes and people who lived and dominated the area since the beginning of Philippine written history, the Maguindanaons, historically great warriors and tribesmen who lived under the rules of the Sultanates led ... Read More »