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Exploring Historical Spots in the Philippines


The Philippines is a nation carved by a rich, colorful and fascinating history. From the time our ancestors arrived 30,000 years ago from ancient Malaya and perhaps since the beginning of written history, the country went through a myriad of historical events that shaped the country to what it is in present time. This country has been invaded, colonized, annexed ... Read More »

Where to Eat in Tacloban


Where to Eat in Tacloban Tacloban City is one of the top ten most outstanding cities in the Philippines based from the survey of the Asian Institute of Management which was released July 2010. It is the first city in Region Vlll to become a “Highly Urbanized City”. Tacloban City is also the regional center of Eastern Visayas. Tacloban is ... Read More »

Visiting the Oldest Cities in the Philippines


The Philippines is a country characterized by a multi-diverse culture unique to this island nation of more than a hundred million Filipinos. This Southeast Asian tropical country has 7,107 islands spread across its three main geographical regions called Luzon, Visayas and Minadanao. A country rich in history and culture bound by a common trait of putting importance and value to ... Read More »

Best Places to Visit in Mindanao


Located in the Southern part of the Philippines is the beautiful island of Mindanao which is also known as the “Land of Promise”. Mindanao is a place where you can find exotic natural wonders which has remained untouched and unexplored. Mindanao, then is a masterpiece and a wonderful piece of art. Its white sandy beaches which the gentle waves kissed ... Read More »

Interesting Spots to Visit While in Cagayan De Oro City


The Philippines is divided into 3 main islands known as Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Each of these islands has their own physical features that many people would like to visit. Among the 3 main islands, Luzon and Visayas have been very popular with local and international tourists. These 2 main islands, Luzon and Visayas have many beautiful and historical places. ... Read More »

Reasons to Love Boracay


A paradise surrounded by powdery white sands and crystal clear water is the amazing Boracay Island. Boracay is one of the best islands in the World. Its beaches can compete with the best beaches of the Caribbean and the South Pacific. People who have already visited the exotic island can use the entire adjective in the dictionary to describe Boracay. ... Read More »

Restaurants in Angeles City

Angeles City

Angeles City’s strategic location has helped the city become a famous Entertainment Capital of the Philippines. Angeles City is also one of the fastest-growing cities outside Metro Manila. It is located near the Clark Freeport Zone and Subic Freeport Zone, which are both economic Zones which can get the attention of some of the world’s biggest investors like Texas Instruments. ... Read More »

5 Reasons to Stay in Summit Ridge Tagaytay This Holiday Season

Summit Ridge Tagaytay

Tagaytay is one of the Philippine’s most popular tourist destinations not only because of its cool climate, but also because it as many beautiful and exquisite spots or places that everybody would love to visit and spend special moments for a holidays with the whole family. Tagaytay overlooks the breathtaking view of Taal Lake in Batangas, the fascinating Taal Volcano ... Read More »

Visit the City of Casinos: Reno, Nevada


Nevada is famous for resorts, silver, gold, legal prostitution, nightclubs, casinos, wine and rich nightlife and a heaven for the party lovers. If there is a place to party in Nevada, apart of Las Vegas, then that Reno tops the list. Also known as “the City of Casinos”, Reno is located in northwestern part of Nevada and is county seat ... Read More »

Distillery town – A waltz into the Victorian era


In south of downtown Toronto (Canada), is one of the most popular and blessedly beautiful tourist spots of the country. Welcome to distillery town, home to some of the world’s largest distilleries and breweries. So what is there to do around a shanty distillery factory? Here at the D-town there are things to do, even more things to look at ... Read More »