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The Berlin Wall: An Enduring Symbol of Freedom

Berlin, East Side Gallery

Irony is a wonderful thing. It greets you at the most unexpected place and restores your faith in the designs of fate. Consider for a fact that Berlin’s most famous tourist attraction is a place that does not, really, exist anymore. When it stood as the most potent symbol in the Cold War era, it not only divided a city ... Read More »

The Rose Bowl – Stadium for the Immortals


Legends, heroes and immortals are stuffs of fantasy and myths but in real life all such figures come to life inside a sporting stadium. Sports are the best way one can find heroes, legends and immortals. Sporting personalities and moments allow us the chance to enjoy, live and celebrate are heroes and legends. And the theatre for such great athletes, ... Read More »

Seoul hot spots: N Seoul tower


Seoul’s most happening place is hands down the sky crawling N Seoul also locally called the Namsan tower. The tower that has been functioning as a tourist spot since 1980 stands a charming icon catering to every kind of tourist imaginable. It has woven itself into the cultural experience that the country has to provide for its throng of visitors. N ... Read More »

Of Spain and Spanish Delicacy: Churros

churros con chocolate

Churros conned by chocolate dip is a perfect traditional Spanish treat. Churros is a deep fried sweet treat, served in breakfast, snacks or even desserts. It’s a perfect relish for people having a sweet tooth. Churro is a deep fried dough pastry. They are long star shaped, just like bread sticks. Served hot with the different variations of dipping , ... Read More »

Shillong the Scotland of East


Shillong which is the capital of Meghalaya is one of the smallest and beautiful states in India. Nature has create this state in pace, surrounded by hills, waterfalls and many colorful flowers is situated at an average altitude of 4,908 feet (1,496 m) above sea level Shillong Peak is the highest Point of Shillong (6,449 feet) the whole lovely city can be visualize from the ... Read More »

Plitvice lakes : Croatia


Plitvice Lakes Location Plitvice lakes is one of the oldest national park in southeast Europe and the largest park in Croatia. Plitvice lakes national park has certainly gained its reputation and the beauty of this park is admired by many locals and tourists. The sight of this park is awe- struck and leaves the visitors with lots of appreciation.   ... Read More »

Small Population and Big Reputation: Berkeley, California


“The Weed Capital of America”, California is well known for the historic gold rush. However, that is not the single reason, celebrities, wine, beautiful beaches, Hollywood, Disney Land, San Francisco Zoo and other attractions make it one of the most visited state of America. Some of the most famous cities of California are Berkeley,San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Fresno, ... Read More »

The Lovely Longwood Gardens, United States.


Rows of exotic plants, flowers, trees and fruits, make The Longwood gardens a paradise for Botanists. Located in Kenett square, Pennsylvania, United States, in the Brandywine Creek Valley, the Longwood gardens consist of, over 1,077 acres of gardens, meadows and woodlands. The Longwood gardens have their arms wide open throughout the year, for visitors to come and enjoy the exotic ... Read More »

The Pink Lake – Lake Hillier

Amazing view of pink lake

The Lake Hillier.which is also known as The Pink Lake, is situated in Cape Arid near the southern coast of Western Australia.It is a lake of salty water of 40% which makes the Dead Sea of Jordan which eases the floating.It is one of the natural wonders and a mystery of Australia,which can be only seen from sky.It is a ... Read More »

Panda Inn, Sichuan-Live with the Panda


Tourists are lured nowadays by travel companies in a variety of ways. We have airlines offering to fly travellers to an exotic locale at dirt cheap prices, while they also waive off the few extra kilos tourists bring back if they book return tickets on the same airline company. Right from discounts on the credit or debit card you own, ... Read More »