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The Pearl of North West Australia: Broome, Western Australia

The Pearl of North West Australia: Broome, Western Australia

Remote, romantic and ravishing, the exotic pearling town of Broome is like a crown jewel in a headdress of natural finery. Located a good 2000 km from Western Australia’s capital city Perth, book a trip to this idyllic town for a relaxing getaway. With its white sandy beaches, rocks ranging from deep ochre to bright vermillion and crystal clear waters hued cerulean, cobalt and indigo, the rich burst of colour Broome hits you with is unparalleled.


From expansive deserts to the fringing blue oceans, the stunning beauty of Broome’s natural landscape will vary only in kind and not degree. Prepare to be enchanted by this exotic location, a melting pot of cultures in every sense whether you ride its camels, walk along its shores, drive through the desert or soak in the comforts of your hotel. The Gateway to the Kimberley is one of the fastest growing towns in Australia. You will never be short of things to do in this gorgeous idyll, making it a perfect destination for your next holiday.


Broome’s story begins as a pearling port where people of various nationalities and races settled to seek their fortunes. Today, the town boasts a mélange of Koepanger, Malay, Chinese, European and Aboriginal racial groups, lending to it a truly multicultural character.

Traditionally home to the Yawuru people, the town was named after Sir Frederick Broome, the Governor of Western Australia from 1883 to 1889. An undersea telegraph cable was laid from Broome to Singapore further connecting to England in 1889 and the site was later named Cable Beach, one of the most famous beaches in the world today.


Many luggers, divers and oyster harvesters gave their lives to the pearling industry of this town; a few of them are marked by the headstones at the iconic Japanese Cemetery in the region. World War II saw four attacks on Broome by Japanese aircrafts in which a minimum of 88 people lost their lives.

Broome proudly upholds the tradition of its multiethnic population with an annual cultural celebration called Shinju Matsuri. One of the fastest growing towns in Australia, the development of the mining industry and the tourism industry has helped Broom progress into a world-class destination.


You can also find dinosaur footprints at low tide dating back to 130 million years ago at Gantheaume Point. On going further north, keep your eyes peeled for plant fossils in the Broome sandstone.

Tourist Information

To get to Broome, catch a two and a half hour flight from Perth to Broome International Airport. The weather in Broome is characterised by two distinct seasons. The dry season lasts from around April to November with temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. There is very little rainfall during this period. This is the perfect time to visit. The wet season on the other hand sees extreme weather with very high temperatures, high humidity and lightning storms. But this season offers picturesque sunsets like no other and the area is also less crowded.  Accommodation is available at all price ranges ranging from budget to luxury but it is advisable to book in advance for the dry season.


Attractions and Activities

One cannot visit Broome without taking a day or two to kill time at the charming Cable Beach. Located in the Kimberley Region, this 22 km long beach of gleaming, white sand is flanked by fiery orange cliffs as it gives way to the pristine blue waves if the Indian Ocean. Enjoy camel rides on the sands at dawn.


Feast your eyes on the natural wonder that is Horizontal Falls and explore them by boat, seaplane or a scenic flight. Watch in wonder as the Indian Ocean defies all that you knew about nature, tides and waterfalls.

Horizontal Falls

Lose yourself in the history of the South Sea pearl and learn about the pearling industry so deeply integral to the history of this town at the Willie Creek pearl farm or Cygnet Bay. Shop for some of the finest South Sea Pearl jewellery as souvenirs from your holiday.

Take a guided tour or drive a rented 4×4 across the Dampier Peninsula sure to leave you with an unforgettable experience. Take a tour of town to see the roots under Broome’s multiethnic character and relive its colonial grandeur. Relax at sunset on a hovercraft flight and step out on to the ocean floor with a glass of champagne in hand to take in the natural beauty of the region.

Have a go at fishing for Barramundi, Spanish Mackerel, Thread Fin Salmon, Jacks and Bill Fish in Broome’s creeks and keep your eyes peeled for the world’s biggest humpback whale, manta rays, dolphins and dugongs. Take the aerial route and explore the beautiful Kimberley Coast over Cape Leveque, Beagle Bay, Tunnel Creek, Geike Gorge and the Windjana Gorge by flight tours or seaplane. If the marine way is more your thing, the calm waters of Broome make for an ideal kayak ride.


Enjoy a movie at Sun Pictures, the oldest functioning outdoor cinema in the world. The beautiful Kimberley night sky makes this a perfect setting for a romantic date. Do not forget to visit Chinatown, once the hinterland of pearls, billiards and opium. This town today houses world-class pearl showrooms and many restaurants serving a unique blend of eastern and western cuisine.


Visit Roebuck Bay to see a wide array of exotic wildlife and to see remains of Dutch aircrafts in World War II. And end your day sipping on a cold, special handcrafted boutique beer at Matso’s Broome Brewery.


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