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Ride the blues: The Royal Caribbean Cruises

Ride the blues: The Royal Caribbean Cruises

It can be safely said that sea fascinated man right from the moment he cast his eyes to the shimmering horizon which swallowed the sun. The curiosity to see the edge bragged the brave hearts like Vasco De Gama and Columbus into the blue-ness of it all. That urge and passion has not changed in ages and it is not a likely scenario that we will ever get bored of the mighty wild rolling ocean.  The difference between then and now it that now we do it with style and panache. We take luxury to the sea; the finest caviar with the crispest wine is now a norm on a fully loaded deck of graceful ladies of the sea. The cruise ships! Talk about balls on sea or a nightcap it’s all real in an entirety that goes beyond belief. This is what a Royal Caribbean cruise promises you. An experience that is so out of this world that you might as well be living a dream.

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There is high pressure to make a vacation special.  When one takes a break from the high stress life, the need for the break to be soothing and perfect is very important.  The location list seems to get shorter and the requirement list gets longer. The need to balance  peace and quiet with high volume fun , nature with luxury, family time with personal space and lastly destination with perfect travel plan. A cruise is the answer to your explicit requirements. A breakfast on deck with the family, and a candle light dinner with your partner. A quite read on the deck or a game of hoops with fellow athletes. All this and more.  Read on for a treat.

The Royal Caribbean cruise is world second best global cruise service. It packs a punch into the vacation you have been planning for it is a floating world of its own and a very comfortably pampering one at that. It has a fleet of ships taking you to those exotic Caribbean islands in the sunny winter. The choices are immense right from the ship to the package you can pick what you like. Traveling with extended family is easy for everyone from Grandparents to toddlers have their fixes of fun planned. The full family activities are always a big hit. Who wouldn’t like to play ball on a cruise with open sea in the view? There are special couple plans and singles plan. It will have you feel like it’s meant just for you!

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What does one do one a cruise? Relax? Well the Royals give you a list of activities which will considerably shorten your bucket-list.  You have salsa classes, snow/wave boarding (stimulated), a 360 degree viewing capsule, mini golf, ice skating, gym, Yoga classes, sports center, tournaments, jogging tracks, inline skating and scuba diving! This is barely scraping the surface but you get the drift!


We need fine dine and fine wine right? So let’s cruise our options. There is a formal main dining room where you get all dressed up and clink glasses with fellow voyager. There is flexible timing where can just reserve the meal. Now to jazzier options, there is authentic New-York Pizza, sushi, bistros, cafes etc. and the most loved one is of course the Room Serviced deal! The night life on a cruise has ice skate shows, Broadway shows, theater of fine quality, live orchestra. This is the main outline with different touches added for every cruise.


Birthdays, Honeymoons, Anniversaries are all a big day on the cruise with every hand on ship making it special for you. Be it thanksgiving or a reunion party, a party is planned! Father’s Day, Mother’s Day is a specialty. For those who refuse to unplug even at sea, the cruise offers you onboard Wi-Fi, cell phone, inter-state phone facilities. So you can have your beloved technology with you all the time.

Now the key details, when to travel will depend on your priority for if you choose Dec-Apr the climate is perfect the islands will be buzzing. On the downside the ports will be crowded and the costs will be higher. May June will treat you to occasional showers thus price will fall a little. The cheapest is July to November when there are storms in the region. The cruise can sail through them thus risk to life I not major. The itinerary may be disrupted though. So pick you deal!


One concern the cruise-enthusiasts always have it getting the elusive seaside rooms. The scholars at Harvard and MIT have heard the pleas and now you get a floor to ceiling HDTV screen with the live feed of the view outside. Now you can enjoy the feel even if you land a room smack in the middle of the ship. It is realistic to say the least; the screen behind the lady is just that, a screen! All hail Technology!


The on shore experience can be arranged with the agents thus giving you a start-up on your vacation right from the moment you start the journey. The islands report high cruise crime like mugging and in some cases point blank shooting. So do not carry the valuables with you when you step on the island. Leave them in the cabin or better yet, leave them home. Safety never hurts.

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