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Scenic New Zealand: The Youngest Country on Earth

Scenic New Zealand: The Youngest Country on Earth

The Island Country of New Zealand in the Southern Pacific Ocean is often called as the youngest country on Earth. This is due to the fact that it is one of the last countries in the world to have human settlement. Its remoteness and diverse terrain make this country a nature lovers and traveler’s Eden. The wilderness of forests, dazzling glaciers, sandy beaches, majestic mountains, the islands and lakes, the vivid flora and fauna make the untouched beauty of New Zealand more exquisite. It is tough to decide what places should be among the best destinations in New Zealand:

Coromandel Peninsula

cathedral cove

The North Eastern Peninsula also called the Coromandel Peninsula has many charming sites making it a favored tourist destination. The beaches with their golden and ivory sands provide a picturesque retreat. Hot Water Beach is another place popular among visitors. Thames is a small and quaint city that lies nearby. It has historical significance, owing to the gold mines that operated in this area. Cathedral Cove is another famous site near Hahei Beach. Huge arched cavern joins two secluded coves here and the cathedral like arches give it its name. For snorkelers and scuba divers it is a favored spot, as the Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve provides an extremely rich marine life. A visit to this peninsula allows one to explore its past and to witness the scenic beauty of the area.

Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park

Located in the North Island, it is among 28 of the mixed cultural and natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The area within the park has varied landscapes, from calm lakes, active volcanoes, wild forests, to desert like stretch of lands. In addition to this the vividness of the flora and fauna, include rare species of birds, insects including moths etc found here make it a must visit tourist spot. The magnificent Taranaki Falls are located a mere 3 km from here. This National Park also provides ample opportunities and facilities to indulge in adventure sports like hiking, trekking, horse riding, rafting, mountain biking etc. in winters skiing and snowboarding are also available here.

Bay of Islands

New Zealand.

It is one of the most famous holiday location and tourist attractions in New Zealand. The Bay of Islands includes 144 islands, which have some of the most spectacular sandy beaches and bays. It is most suitable site for sailing yachts and cruises. The marine life found in this area is extremely rich, it includes whales, penguins, dolphins and many other aquatic organisms. The beaches here provide many beautiful sites to laze around on, or to explore.

Milford Sound

Milford Sound

It is located within Fiordland National Park, and is known for its breath taking beauty. The Coastal landscape here is among few of the world’s most stunning and astounding vistas. The cascading waters and the cliffs, the remarkable mountains, the waters and their vivid blue color make it an extremely beautiful site. It was famously called the eighth wonder of the world by Rudyard Kipling, a famous author.

Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island

Some 17km from Auckland, this island of New Zealand is known for its picturesque landscape. There are many activities for tourists to engage in. the beaches on this island provide opportunities for all the beach side activities including sunning, swimming, as well as adventure sports. There are many distinctive museums on the island, including a musical island. The sculpture park, craft shops, eating joints are some other places worth a visit. This island is also popular because of its vineyards, wineries and olive groves that provide some lush green and beautiful vistas. This island is also famous as a gourmet food destination. Various adventure activities are also provided on the island. The island provides something for all kind of travelers.

Sky Tower

Sky Tower

Standing in Auckland, the largest city of New Zealand, the Sky Tower is one of the tallest structures in Southern Hemisphere. It is a 328 m tall observation and telecommunications tower. Various features of this tower include a revolving restaurant, as well as Sky Jump- a 192 m jump from observation deck. It is a prominent presence on the Auckland skyline.


Located in South Island, this town is a coastal tourist location. The marine life that can be spotted off the shore is very rich, including dolphins, whales, albatross etc. The forest in Kaikoura with its wild and natural qualities provides tourists a chance to explore them on foot. The town is also a delightful place for seafood lovers. The menu here includes such delicacies as Crayfish, blue cod, mussels among others.

Franz  Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier

This glacier is located within Westland National Park. Along with Fox Glacier this is a famous tourist site. Its sheer and striking beauty makes a visit to these glaciers a memorable experience. Added to its beauty is the fact of its easy accessibility. It is possible for visitors to reach the base of these enormous glaciers on foot. Besides a helicopter ride over the glacier also provides one with a sight to behold and remember.

There are many small cities in New Zealand which have unique attributes. Rotorua is a delight for visitors. The geysers and hot springs in the city make it a thermal wonderland. Wai-O-Tapu is a popular tourist attraction. The hot springs here are more famous because of their colorful quality.  Napier is another such place. This city which was destroyed in an earthquake in 1937 was rebuilt along the lines of art deco architecture. The striking architecture of this city makes it unusual when compared with any other city in world.

New Zealand

These by no means exhaust the stunning and scenic destinations in New Zealand. Such locations as Wanaka, Taupo Lake, Marlborough Sound, One Tree Hill, Huka Falls, Coronet Peak are few more beautiful places in New Zealand that offer a lot to nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. The country of New Zealand with some exceptionally scenic locales is bound to add some breath taking and memorable experiences to every traveler’s journey.

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