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Zernes, Switzerland- A place of natural beauty and home to hiking

Zernes, Switzerland- A place of natural beauty and home to hiking

Zernes, in the district Inn in Canton of Graubünden,Switzerland is a home to many places of tourist interest. It is situated between Austria, Italy and Switzerland. It has a pleasant weather with rainfall, but is also a home to various activities such as biking, golfing and hiking. In winters one can find snow covered areas, but that does not deter tourists from flocking the place.

Swiss National Park

Swiss National Park

The main tourist spot here is Swiss National Park founded in 1914 which has splendid alpine forests adding to its scenic beauty. It will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2014 and is the only National Park of Switzerland. Bearded vulture, golden eagle, marmot, chamois, elk etc are few of the beings you may happen to see there. With huge variety of flora and fauna and a view to beautiful Alps make the visit to this place refreshing to all.

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This park also gives the viewer a concern for the wildlife and details about the same. Usually camps are organized in this region which allows tourists to see wildlife and also indulge in sport activities.

Piz Quattervals


Piz Quattervals, a part of Swiss National Park is a mountain (3165 m above sea level) in the Livigno Range among four valleys: Val Tantermozza, Valletta, Val Sassa and Val Müschauns . Quattervals means peak of four valleys(as mentioned above). The way to Piz Quattervals is fixed as it is a part of Swiss National Park. The place is protected yet wild in its own way. But it is refreshingly beautiful to the seer eyes as it takes you to a new journey of natural beauty undisturbed by human nature.

Hiking is the sport enjoyed by many in the Swiss National Park.

Punt dal Gall Dam of crown length 540m and arch height 130 m is an arch dam completed in 1968 which is in Livigno Valley lies at the border between Lombardy(Italy) and Swiss Canton and is also a point of interest for tourists.

As we move nearby Piz Sarsura and Piz Vadret mountains overlooking glaciers of Albula Alps to the west of Zernes is also a spot attracting visitors.

Piz Sarsura, surrounded by two glaciers “Vadret da Grialestch” and “Vadret da Sarsura” a sort of “house summit” is climbed upon by glacier gear. Its eastern side leads to the Engadin Valley.

 Nearby areas

Within a few km of Zernez, there are quite a few many places to visit along with it such as Schloss Tarasp, Kirchner Museum, Winter sport museum, Messner Mountain Museum-Ortles and Kolster St Johann Church.

Golf course at St. Moritz Kulm is a well designed golf course between alpine and golf architecture. Players with recognized license are allowed on this golf course. With 9 holes, the golfers come here for over 100 years. It is a golf course with good ground to play and scenic beauty to look.

Tarasp Castle


Schloss Tarasp that is Tarasp Castle is a Swiss heritage site. Its history dates back to 11th century. The place has provision for tours and active vacations. This castle is situated exactly on a cliff top the same we see in kid movies is stunning to look at. One is bound to feel the wood paneled and chandelier lit chambers giving insight into human power 1000 years back.

Kirchner Museum, a museum displays art of artist Ernest Ludwig Kirchner. The art work comprises of World War II years and that of Swiss creativity.

Winter Sports Museum, as the name suggests has the collection of materials of winter sports dating back to history. The sleds, wooden planks etc the materials used from old times to current times in their ways are on display here.

Zernes is easily reachable with various public transports easily available. It provides good tourist facilities and a friendly environment. German is a dominating language of this region.

Zernes is a place of natural scenic beauty so as to leave you spell bounded. Only after seeing the silent wildness of mountains one feels amazingly refreshed. Even though it is covered with snow (esp. during winters), but enthusiastic tourists still love to visit the place. Its amazing flora and fauna collection spanning over 100 years give a glimpse of nature without any disturbance from human beings. Alpine terrain, alps and animal species collection is a place for wildlife enthusiasts.

Zerens with such natural beauty and home to nearby museums, castle give insight to the place architecture, their love for art and concern for nature. Museums depict history of the place and the castles the human nature long ago.

Sports: Hiking


But the main attraction is there for the sports. People love to go there so as to indulge in adventures, make their pulse beat faster and have the satisfaction after it is done. Golf playing, hiking and biking are the main activities people here are involved with. Hiking is the most important sport activity for which people love to throng Zernes.

Switzerland is a place to one of the most beautiful places of the world and Zernes is one of them. Zernes comprising of natural beauty, alpine, museum and castles for a glimpse to history and adventure sports make it nothing short of a picture perfect holiday.

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