Angkor: The Archaeological Park of Cambodia

Angkor Archaeological Park

Angkor is no doubt the most important and impressive archaeological sites in the entire Southeast Asia.  This archaeological park covers an area of 400 square kilometres which also includes the forested area. Angkor Park actually includes the impressive remains of some capitals that belong to the Khmer Empire of the old 9th as well as 15th centuries. The Angkor Wat ... Read More »

Crystal Ice Cave,Iceland

Magical Skaftafell Ice Cave

The ice caves in Skaftafell sometimes also called as Crystal Caves.These ice caves in the Icelandic glaciers are a truly mesmerizing wonder of nature.Ice caves are temporary structures that appear at the edge of glaciers.These stunning blue ice caves which stretch as far as the eye can see are one of Iceland’s national treasures.Some of the magic beauty of glacier ... Read More »

The Hills of Skardu, Pakistan


Skardu is the capital town of Baltistan, Pakistan. It is situated at a height of about 2500 metres from the sea level. As there are many similarities in the culture, lifestyle and architecture of Baltistan with Tibet, it is popularly known as Tibet-e-Khurd meaning Little Tibet. It is a major tourist spot of Baltistan as it is very famous for ... Read More »

Heaven Among the Sands: Bronte Beach, Sydney

Bronte beach, sydney

For an idyllic seaside holiday, it doesn’t get much better than the glistening, white sandy beaches down under. With a number of world class beaches in every major city, Australia dominates the beach scene like none other. Hidden in the shadows of Sydney’s larger, more iconic beaches, Bronte Beach on the East Coast may well be the region’s best kept ... Read More »

The Tourist’s Delight: Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris


Renowned writer Robert Louis Stevenson had fittingly said “I never weary churches. It is my favourite kind of mountain scenery. Mankind was never so happily inspired as when it made a cathedral.” Even when you look up at the structure called Notre Dame Cathedral you cannot imagine how a mere mortal could built something so grand and beautiful. It’s as ... Read More »

Dramatic Grandeur: Uluwatu Temple – Pura Luhur, Bali


The door to Grandeur Bali the “Island of thousand temples” the name for which it is most famed for homes for thousand temples.  You may miss the 999 temples except the Uluwatu temple which is carved out of  beauty between the sun and sea over the majestic earth, one of  the most magnificent temples the world has. As it seems ... Read More »

Visit the Mall of America: Bloomington, United States


Triple Five Group is a well known shopping mall owner and operator, hotel operator and real estate company based in Edmonton, Alberta and Canada. It has a number of places around the world for shopping, staying and eating. It also has Mall of America on its owning list, which is an ultimate shopping hub, located in Bloomington, Minnesota which is ... Read More »

Visit the City of Peace: Geneva, Switzerland


Mountains, rolling hills, large lakes, skyscrapers, exotic food, abundance of accommodation, lovely people and awesome weather, what more would a tourist ask for? Switzerland, located in the Heart of Europe, has it all and nature lovers are never going to make a mistake of not visiting this country. One of the most famous destinations in Switzerland is Geneva, which offers ... Read More »

Brazil’s Capital of Happiness: Salvador


Brazil is truly an exciting country, mainly known for football, but its sheering beauty is also popular around the world. It has won the rights to host the Football World Cup in 2014 recently and its national football team is one of the best in the world. But Brazil is not just about Football, it is known for its outdoor ... Read More »

Visit the scary Les Catacombes, Paris


We admit it or not, we all find a little bit horror quite interesting. There are a lot of places around the world that are said to be haunted. If you like visiting scary places, then you will surely like Les Catacombes, located at Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy in Paris, France. Les Catacombes is an underground ossuary which contains ... Read More »