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Scale the duomo, Milan

Scale the duomo, Milan

Milan, the leading global and world fashion city of Italy is most famous for its wealth of historical and modern sights like the duomo, one of the biggest and grandest gothic cathedrals in the world. La scala, one of the best established opera houses in the globe, the brera art gallery, the huge san siro stadium and the prielli tower, the castello sforzesco, a grand medieval castle and last but not least the UNESCO world heritage site santa maria alle grazie basilica, containing the world famous paintings like the last supper of Leonardo da vinci.


Among all these beautiful sites The most remarkable landmark is the of world famous the duomo di Milan situated in Milan city facing the pizza da milan tower, located near to galleria vittorio emanuele, milan’s famous shopping complex  many beautiful sculptures embedded into its façade. This cathedral built between  1386 to 1577 is the 5th largest cathedral of the world. This church took around 5 century to built so the only church in the world built during such long time. milan cathedral is 157 meter long and 40,000 people can fit comfortably within.


The Milan Cathedral or Duomo di Milano is a seat of the archbishop of milan is regarded as One of the most famous buildings in the world, The Gothic style in which the church was decorated reminds us more of the French style rather than the Italian one. The Duomo, Milan’s Cathedral, is the most important gothic architectural work in all of Italy. the gothic structure really represented a challenge for architects, since it took nearly six centuries to be completed.


The exterior of duomo is decorated with an amazing number of beautiful sculpted statues and spires.there are more statutes in this building than any other in the world, 3159 in total. 2245 of these are on the exterior together with 96 gargoyles and 135 spires. Its dazzling white front facade, arguably the world’s most beautiful, dominates the cathedral square.


The cavernous interior, lit by brilliant stained glass windows, seats 40, 000 but is unusually Spartan and serene, divided into 5 aisles by a sea of 52 columns.The cathedral have five broad nave, which are around 45 meter high, divided by 53 pillars are reflected in the hierarchic of the façade. Even the transepts have aisles. The nave columns are 80 ft high and the apsidal window are 68 by 28 ft. the huge building is brick construction, faced with marble form the quarries which gian galeazzo Visconti donated in the perpetuity to the cathedral chapter. It said that the cathedral steals “from every style in the world and every style spoiled. The cathedral is a mixture of perpendicular with flamboyant, the latter being peculiar barbarous and angular en grafted penetrative gothic. the rest of the architecture among which this curous flamboyant is set a perpendicular with horizontal bars across and with the most detestable c rocketing, utter veil.



The interior of cathedral includes numerous monuments and art work like at the left of the altar the most famous statute of t bartolomeo flayed and the archbishop alberto da intimiano’s sarcophagus.There are 3 wonderful alters designed by Pellegrino pellegrini, all of which includes the excellent art other masterpieces include the renaissance marble altar in the right transept, red light bulb is supposedly the spot where one of the nails used in jesus’s crucifixion was placed and the trivulzio candelabrum, the base of which crafted in 12th century consists imaginary animals, vegetables and vines. The most attractive statute among all the madonnina, acopper statute of the Virgin Mary covered with3900 pieces of gold leaf.

duomo (1)Duomo-di-Milano-9

A staggering 3,500 statutes and 135 spires adorn the marble structure, which has baroque and neo gothic façade as well as 5 bronze doors carved by different artists, dedicated to santa maria nascente. The panels on the doors depict episodes in the lives of the virgin mary, saint ambrose and saint Charles borromeo as well as scences from yhe history of Milan and the construction of the cathedral.The central one of 5 great doors is bored with a bas-relief of birds and fruits and beats, which have been so ingeniously carved out of the marble that they seem like living creatures. visitors can also experience the relics of st. Charles borromeus, this holy man lies at his eternal rest in a small but gorgeous sepulchral chapel.


A visit to the Terraces of the Duomo which provides a wonderful view of the city between the famous spires called the gullies is a must for visitors to Milan. The roof springing from its broad marble flagstones Take the lift up or use the stairs located on the south side of the Cathedral. The roof is open for visitors, which provides many close up views of some spectacular sculpture. The roof of cathedral is renowned for the forest of openwork pinnacles and spires, set upon flying buttresses. On the rooftop, along with the guglie, you will also see the famous Madonnina Virgin. It’s amazing to walk among the forest of spires and the view from the roof is unmatched.


Milan cathedral is not only famous for its sheer size, but also for its complexity with decoration in even the most hidden places. according to me a trip to Milan without seeing Milan cathedral is not trip at all. So to appreciate this beautiful cathedral in all its glory, take the tour of the duomo, Milan.

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