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The Berlin Wall: An Enduring Symbol of Freedom

Berlin, East Side Gallery

Irony is a wonderful thing. It greets you at the most unexpected place and restores your faith in the designs of fate. Consider for a fact that Berlin’s most famous tourist attraction is a place that does not, really, exist anymore. When it stood as the most potent symbol in the Cold War era, it not only divided a city ... Read More »

Gamcheon Art Village – A surreal Dreamscape


Upon first sight The moment you set foot into the bizarrely colourful road and spot houses that seem to grow into hexagons, octagons and other unidentifiable shapes, a sign board catches the eye reading -‘Welcome to Gamcheon’. Jumping in for a quick ride on the subway from Toesong Station- Busan, the journey is only about 6 kilo meters to what ... Read More »