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Ride the blues: The Royal Caribbean Cruises


It can be safely said that sea fascinated man right from the moment he cast his eyes to the shimmering horizon which swallowed the sun. The curiosity to see the edge bragged the brave hearts like Vasco De Gama and Columbus into the blue-ness of it all. That urge and passion has not changed in ages and it is not ... Read More »

The Pride of the Caribbean: San Juan, P.R.


Salsa music, rich colonial record, blend of different races, beautiful tropical sunsets, exotic beaches, hearty food, hub of diving and snorkeling, great place for exploring wildlife and some great pieces of architecture, this place is an amazing blend of all these things. Yes! you guessed it right, it is Puerto Rico, an incorporated territory of the United States and located ... Read More »

Montserrat- the other side of Caribbeann


Located in the picturesque land of the Caribbean is the island of Montserrat which is an overseas territory belonging to the British Empire. This place belongs to the Leeward islands which is a part of Lesser Antilles, a chain of islands in the West Indies. Many inhabitants of this place are of Irish descend and that is the reason why ... Read More »

The Best Kept Secret in the Caribbean-Curacao Island


“Bon Bini”! Welcome to the hidden gem of the Caribbean Sea, Curacao Island. Curacao is one of the ABC islands off the Venezuela coast which includes Aruba and Bonaire. This exquisite island situated to the south of the Caribbean Sea flaunts clear turquoise waters, sparkling sand beaches, colorful architecture, exotic cuisines and friendly locals. Curacao has a tropical climate, with ... Read More »

Eleuthera, Bahamas

Eleuthera 2

Reviewed as the ‘Sexiest Beach Escapes’ by Bing Travel and Forbes Traveller and awarded the ‘Best Secret Island on Earth’ by Travel and Leisure, Eleuthera is the paradise on earth. It is the fourth most populated island of The Bahamas. The people are chiefly dependent on agriculture and fishing for their livelihood. From endless pineapple fields to white-and-pink sand beaches, ... Read More »

Sand, Sea and Sun: The Caribbean Beaches in Aruba


In the Southern Caribbean Sea, located 27 km north of the Venezuelan coast, is the island of Aruba. The dry, sunny weather of the area, along with the clear green and blue waters and white sandy beaches makes it a favored tourist destination. Taken together, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are popularly known as the ABC islands. Aruba’s stunning beauty is ... Read More »