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The Coral Reefs, Mauritius


Swimming! We all enjoy it, right? The rush of simply being in water is a different experience even if it’s in a tank or a pool. For those who really love water and water citizens, it won’t be out of character to imagine taking a swim into the world of Poseidon.  Some do it as a part of adventure trip, ... Read More »

Secret Getaways: Trang Islands, Thailand


Tucked away near the coastal waters of Andaman sea is a picturesque hideout, a huddle of islands belonging to the southern block of Thailand called the Trang Islands. These islands form an archepelago in the sea with a cluster of 46 Islands. The name ‘Trang’ comes from the Malaysian word ‘Terang‘ which means light. The Island used to see a ... Read More »

The Best Kept Secret in the Caribbean-Curacao Island


“Bon Bini”! Welcome to the hidden gem of the Caribbean Sea, Curacao Island. Curacao is one of the ABC islands off the Venezuela coast which includes Aruba and Bonaire. This exquisite island situated to the south of the Caribbean Sea flaunts clear turquoise waters, sparkling sand beaches, colorful architecture, exotic cuisines and friendly locals. Curacao has a tropical climate, with ... Read More »

Chole Mjini, Mafia Islands, Tanzania – Paradise yet not Lost !


An idyll beyond the clutches of the fabricated world of concrete materialism,Chole Mjini is that one place which would compel you to exclaim, “Ah,in the heart of nowhere!” In the midst of the  tropical paradise of Mafia archipelago lies the tiny Island of Chole Mjini, just offshore the Chole Bay,and within its realms resides one of the most unperturbed holiday ... Read More »