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Amesbury, England – the city of historic Stonehenge


Amesbury is popularly known as the nearest town to the historic monument Stonehenge which is one of the world’s most famous archaeological sites. Stonehenge is a revelation of the science and skill of a Neolithic civilisation. Stonehenge consists of sophistically placed stones of which the largest weighs over 40 tons in a concentric architectural design by unknown builders. Archaeologists believe ... Read More »

Circle of sight: London Eye


Observation structures are a common feature of cities that attract tourists. It gives the tourists a bird’s eye view of the city. New York’s Empire state building, Toronto’s CN Towers, Eiffel Tower in Paris, are few of the many observational structures found around the world. But London can boast about its unique observational structure, which is a giant Ferris wheel. ... Read More »

Beauty Unparalleled: Beachy Head, England

Flora and fauna

Rising 162 meters high, straight out of the beautiful blue waters of the English Channel are the highest chalk sea cliffs of England. This impressive and imposing piece of chalk headland is close to the town of Eastbourne in the county of East Sussex, making it a perfect getaway from the loud and noisy city. It has an ideal location ... Read More »

Lobster Rolls, Maine


So, the lobster is one of the fanciest gourmet items one can choose from. Let us start with the simple question, what is the best way to have a lobster? Are you thinking of a fancy restaurant with the whole hog of a lobster bib, a shell cracker and a pot of butter on the side? Well, in Maine the answer ... Read More »

Charming Countryside: Bibury, England

Village of Bibury

Situated in Gloucestershire, England is the utterly charming Village of Bibury. This village has perfectly picture postcard qualities as it is tucked in the stunning and scenic countryside. The Cotswold cottages, the lush greenery, the bubbling waters of River Coln, all make Bibury an extremely picturesque place. In addition to this the history of the place can be traced as ... Read More »

The Canterbury Cathedral: An Oasis for the Soul


The most famous Christian structure in Southern England, the Canterbury Cathedral has a distinct place for itself in history. The construction of the cathedral started in the 7th century and ever since then, it has been torn down, rebuilt, refurbished and modified over a course of 1300 years. Needless to say, the Canterbury Cathedral is unique in its own way. ... Read More »

Windsor Castle – A Royal Home and Fortress

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is a royal residence and a tourist place at Windsor in Berkshire a country of south east England, located to the west of London.  The castle is famous  for its long relation  with the British royal family and for its architecture. The core part of  Castle was built in the 11thcentuary after the invation of William the conqueror . After Henry I ... Read More »