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Ride the blues: The Royal Caribbean Cruises


It can be safely said that sea fascinated man right from the moment he cast his eyes to the shimmering horizon which swallowed the sun. The curiosity to see the edge bragged the brave hearts like Vasco De Gama and Columbus into the blue-ness of it all. That urge and passion has not changed in ages and it is not ... Read More »

Distillery town – A waltz into the Victorian era


In south of downtown Toronto (Canada), is one of the most popular and blessedly beautiful tourist spots of the country. Welcome to distillery town, home to some of the world’s largest distilleries and breweries. So what is there to do around a shanty distillery factory? Here at the D-town there are things to do, even more things to look at ... Read More »

Kesar Rabdi Ghevar: Royal Delicacy of Rajasthan RTP


Ghevar, a traditional royal savory of Rajasthan is like a capital sweet-dish of the state. Ghevar is a popular dessert which has a place in heart of every Rajasthani and can be found at any auspicious occasions like weddings or other celebration and on festivals like savan ki teej. It’s a delicious blend of disc shaped wheat flour cake with ... Read More »

Stylish, Beautiful and Romantic: Trieste, Italy


There is a saying by Giuseppe Verdi, ‘You may have the universe if i may have Italy’. The Majesty and romantic environment of this country is only of its class. Gorgeous countryside, vineyards, crenelated buildings, snow capped Mountains, amazing architectural wonders, the massive Colosseum, ancient seaports, Greek Temple of Concord, fabulous food, wines and pastries, the national football team and ... Read More »

Kerala – The Land of Spices


  Kerala is a state which is located in south west region of India on Malabar Coast which stretches along the coast of Arabian Sea. Thiruvananthapuram also known as Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala. Kerala is one of the wonder of the world. According to Hindu Mythology, the derivation of Kerala arose geographically and culturally by lord Parasurama ... Read More »

The Serenity of Australia

perth western australia

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”. Indeed, a true beauty of a nation lies within its own culture, morals and ethical values. The world has created such marvelous wonders in the long run which has made this beauteous world an ecstatic place to dwell in. With such blissful places, one of the most serene place is Australia. Australia ... Read More »

Europe’s New Gastronomy Hotspots, Denmark

noma the worlds best restaurant

   In Denmark, Consideration of yourself as a big foodie then you’ll love Denmark and settle in here for the love of food. Not only does it have the world’s best restaurant of 2010, 2011 and 2012, NOMA considered as the world’s best restaurant and Super chef Rene Redzepi runs the exceptional Nordic kitchen at NOMA in Copenhagen. Traditional Danish ... Read More »

Lobster Rolls, Maine


So, the lobster is one of the fanciest gourmet items one can choose from. Let us start with the simple question, what is the best way to have a lobster? Are you thinking of a fancy restaurant with the whole hog of a lobster bib, a shell cracker and a pot of butter on the side? Well, in Maine the answer ... Read More »

A Sinful Indulgence – Bora Bora Islands,Tahiti


If you’ve ever been entranced by the fairy-tale The Little Mermaid (1837),by Hans Christian Andersen and its popular movie adaptation by Disney in 1989 ,in your early childhood and have always wished to breathe in the depths of the sea, dine with the sea creatures jostling around you, sleep in the castles floating on the sea, ride the dolphins ,pet ... Read More »