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The Exquisite Ruins of Hampi, Karnataka


“A land without ruins is a land without memories; a land without memories is a land without history”. Situated on the banks of river Tungabhadra in Karnataka, the ruins of Hampi are a testimony to this statement. Within the wide expanse of these rocky structures we find ample traces of India’s rich historical, religious and mythological heritage. Hampi, tucked between ... Read More »

Abode of Mysticism-The Golden Pagoda,Bylakuppe, Karnataka


      Its amusing how always the images of higher altitudes cloud our eyes every time we talk about the Tibetan Community, or the high mounted multi-tiered pagodas or monasteries, in India. Though a visit to Tibet is not one of the many options people opt for owing to its inaccessible nature for common tourists, we do have a little Tibet ... Read More »

Spicy South – The Cuisine of South India


Now and then it has been emphasized that India is the land of diversity and quite rightly so. It is inhabited by people following different religions, speaking different languages, having different customs and eating different kinds of food. Yes, India is diverse one the basis of food as each part has its own unique culinary culture. The vast expanse of ... Read More »

The Indian Scotland- Coorg, Karnataka


A picturesque hill station in Karnataka, popular for its coffee plantations, Coorg is popularly known as the Scotland of India.The scenic beauty of Coorg more than lives up to its reputation. Madikeri is the capital city in Coorg, which was established in 17th century. Its history includes the rule of many kingdoms and dynasties including Gangas, Cholas, Hoysalas, invasion by Mysore ... Read More »