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The Coral Reefs, Mauritius


Swimming! We all enjoy it, right? The rush of simply being in water is a different experience even if it’s in a tank or a pool. For those who really love water and water citizens, it won’t be out of character to imagine taking a swim into the world of Poseidon.  Some do it as a part of adventure trip, ... Read More »

Tamarind Falls – Mauritius

Tamarind falls 1

Also renowned as the ‘7 cascades’, Tamarind fall is situated in the south west part of Mauritius, near the village of Henrietta. It gets this name because of the seven steps that it forms before the water reaches from the top to the basin. Blessed with enchanting surroundings and the diverse species thriving in the vicinity, these waterfalls are the ... Read More »

Mauritius- Of Blue Waters And Shades of Sand


Mauritius is the island nation in the Indian Ocean. It is located off the southeast coast of the African continent. It is a multilingual nation where languages like English, French and other Asian languages are spoken. It is known for its high democracy and economic and political freedom. It is an island of very diverse culture and language. People from ... Read More »