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The Land Of The Unknown, Jamaa el fna, Morocco


The place that we are going to talk about today is not a beautiful place where one would just go to observe the beauty of it and be charmed with it. There is something different about this place and that is the reason why it being so off the beaten track is still able to attract tourists. I am going ... Read More »

Rapa Nui and the Story of the Easter Islands


              Far away in the middle of the Pacific Ocean lies an island, where silent stone people rise up from the ground; remnants of Rapa Nui- a civilization that has been long gone. It is one of the most isolated inhabited islands on planet Earth, and historians throughout the ages have failed to answer the simple question- ... Read More »

In Touch With Divinity : Church of The Nativity, Jerusalem

church nativity

In the holy land of Jerusalem time stands still. Nobody can claim that the land is peaceful though. For centuries, Jerusalem has been witness to various bloody battles for possession. Ever since Moses set out in search of the Promised land, Jerusalem has seen it all- from the Crusades of the Middle ages to the Siege of Jerusalem in 2002. Palestinian and ... Read More »