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‘Montana Magica Lodge in Huilo-Huilo, Chile


We all know that the tree houses as hotels are not certainly a new concept,but this Montana Magica Lodge in Huilo-Hulio,Chile is not just same like all other tree concept hotels.It is no doubt one of most unique hotels in South America.This whimsical eco lodge is shaped like a volcano and complete with every modern comfort,and like in volcano as the ... Read More »

Himeji Castle: Of Wonders and Horror stories


I know a lot of you readers would have at some point wanted to visit a haunted house. But the danger of repurcussions kept you at bay. Well, the good news is there is an entire castle filled with secrets of ghost sightings and a painful backstory to that. It is completely safe to visit all around the year with ... Read More »

The Pantheon, Rome, Italy


With its impenetrable wall and huge marble columns, the Pantheon is a monument in Rome, Italy. It is speculated that the original Pantheon built sometime in 25-27 BC, Marcus Agrippa, during the reign of Augustus. However, the exact construction date of the Pantheon remains uncertain. The inscription in the front reads “M- AGRIPPA-L-F-COS-TERTIVM-FECIT”, which in full can be read as ... Read More »

The city of temples: Bishnupur, India


In the Bankura district of West Bengal lies a town so steeped in history that once you step on to the red soil, you are transported to a different world, where time stands still and stories of an age gone by blows in the wind. Bishnupur, situated about 160 km away from Kolkata, is a quaint little town famous for ... Read More »

Cleopatra’s Pool, Turkey: In Healing Waters


Ancient Civilisations have always been of much interest to the history geek. And when historical value, natural beauty and myths of miraculous properties come together to describe a particular place, there is no doubt in the fact that the travel enthusiast is automatically attracted to it. One such place of interest is the fabled Cleopatra’s Pool located in Modern day ... Read More »

Giant’s Causeway, Ireland

Giants Causeway

It is a stunning,breath taking natural formation of volcanic rocks right on the shore line.The most characteristic and unique feature of the Giant Causeway is the exposure of about nearly 40,000 large polygonal shaped columns,that are regularly shaped of basalt in perfect horizontal sections,together forming a pavement.It is one of the World’s Great Wonders’ that brings the combination together being most amazing ... Read More »

Topkapi Palace, Turkey


The Topkapi palace is the largest palace in Istanbul, turkey. This royal palace was used for sittings for state occasion and royal entertainment now this place is a major tourist destination containing important holy relics of the Muslim world, including Mohammed’s SAW clock and sword. Topkapi palace is among the monuments contained within the historic areas of Istanbul, which became ... Read More »

A Perfect Ecosystem: Bhitarkankika Mangroves


Mangrove forests often go unappreciated by the casual observer, but the fact remains that they are extremely important to maintain the balance in the world’s tropical ocean ecosystems. Mangroves are salt tolerant, complicated and dynamic ecosystems that are found in tropical and subtropical inter-tidal regions. Bhitarkanika is one such location of rich, lush green, vibrant ecosystem in the estuarine region ... Read More »

The Golconda Fort, India: History comes to Life

HY14GOLCONDA02_1115647g (1)

11 km away from Secunderabad in Andhra Pradesh is located one of the most impressive fortress complexes in India. The name Golconda comes from two words – ‘golla’ and ‘konda’, literally meaning the ‘mud fort’. The fort is a combination of the legacy left by both the Kakatiya and Qutub Shahi dynasties of Andhra Pradesh. It is said that a ... Read More »

Khajuraho Temples, India: Paean to Passion


One of the most potent symbols of Medieval art in India survives in the form of the Khajuraho temples in the Chatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. It is about 620 kilometers south east of New Delhi and is India’s best known complex of Hindu and Jain temples. The walls of the temple are adorned with exquisite signature sculpture which speak ... Read More »