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Venice Simplon Orient Express – Of Romantic Train Rides


For the rich there are many ways to utilize their wealth in order to have experience which are beyond the extraordinary, a train journey in the Venice Simplon-Orient Express in one of such ways. Arguably one of the most luxurious rides in the whole world, the Venice Simplon-Orient Express is an idea of luxury, extravagance and class which goes beyond ... Read More »

The Floating City – Venice


  Venice. This word has its own charisma. The moonlit skies, a gondola decorated with flowers, the marvelous Gothic architecture highlighted by the dim yellow lights, the soft cool breeze and the two of you. This is no dream place, but a heaven especially made for the love birds. Situated in northeastern Italy, Venice comprises of 118 small islands which ... Read More »

Venice – the Queen of the Adriatic

carnival of venice

“Getting lost is the only place worth going to”, says the wise man. If I were ever to get lost, I would choose to lose myself in Venice. The city of Venice is an enigma- a city that combines old world charms and the authentic beauty of Italia with an experience you will not find anywhere else on this earth. The ... Read More »