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Izmir, Turkey

Izmir, Turkey

Izmir_cumhuriyet_squareIzmir is the third largest town in Turkey located on the coastline of Aegean Sea having a population of about 3.5 million residents. It is also the second largest sea port after Istanbul and also a very good transport hub. It is a rapidly growing city. This place has been a popular destination for many years now and also has a long history which dates back to the third century BC. After the Turkish Revolutionary War most of the city had to be rebuilt and because of that you will find an interesting mixture of the modern buildings with wide tree lined boulevards and many traditional houses and chateaus hidden in the city. Izmir has had a long multicultural history which is evident in its local cuisine which creates a fusion of influencing flavours. Also this place enjoys a temperate climate with mild winters and a warm summer which makes it perfect to travel this place at any point of time throughout the year. Izmir is a very popular tourist destination because of its scenic beauty and historical and cultural heritage.


You can get in this city by taking a flight. The Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is situated near the city centre. This airport receives direct flights from many countries and also connecting flights from Istanbul. There are also many flights from Izmir to all the airport cities in Turkey. After getting out of the airport you can take a bus or a taxi to get to the city centre or any nearby districts of Izmir. You can also arrive to this place by road by taking the highway. There are shuttle busses between major cities and Izmir. And later to get to the city centre you may take a metro or public bus which leaves from the Izmir Bus Terminal. Another means of transportation here is a ferry. You can enjoy a sea journey to commute between the districts in Izmir. There are also world famous cruise ships that go to the Izmir harbour which is another very good option.


Konak Square

Konak Square is the main square of the city centre and also the busiest part of the city. This place is most famous for its Clock tower which was built in the year 1901 and is an old landmark and a unique symbol of Izmir. This place is also known as the spiritual heart of the city and also of Modern Turkey where the fight of independence after the partition in the wake of the First World War began. The square also houses the Governate of Izmir Province, City hall, Central bus station and the Yali mosque.

izmir konak


This is a historical building in the city of Izmir which was built in 1907. The main purpose for the construction of this building was to help the people to go to their districts that were on the top of the hill. The elevator in this building initially worked by a water driven mechanism but later it was restored and now it works by electricity. There is a restaurant that is situated at the top of the building which is very famous and it also gives a bird eye view of the city of Izmir.



Izmir has many sand beaches as it has a coastline on Aegean Sea. They are not very far from the city centre and public transportation is available to go to most of these beaches. They are very popular amongst the tourists as they are very lively and also offer many water sport activities like Para Sailing, Banana boats, jet skiing and many other sports. The places that have beaches include Foca, Cesme, Dikili amongst the many.

Beach, Izmir


Kadifekale is the name of the hill that is situated within the urban zone of Izmir. It is also the name of the ancient castle which is located on the top of this hill. The high point where the castle is found is situated a t a distance of two kilometres from the shoreline and it also provides a general view of a large part of this city and also that of Gulf of Izmir. Recently, this place has been renovated by the municipality of Izmir. The view from the castle is stunning and at its best just before the sunset.



You can just walk along the Kordon, a waterfront Walkway which is now lined by rows of tall residential buildings and palm trees on one side whereas the Aegean Sea on the other. There is a large area of lawn where you can find the 19th century faytons which is the horse drawn carriage ride. You can also find the picture perfect sunsets from this place.


There are many other places that you can visit in this city too like the many museums, Kemaralti Bazaar for shopping, Kultur Park, Old Gas Factory, etc. There are many shopping places in Izmir which help you to choose from a range of fine jewellery to designer clothes. There are also many beautiful handmade items available. The night life in this city is one of the best with many night clubs and bars. Thus, Izmir is one of the best place to visit for scenic as well as cultural and historical sites.

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